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Craft Cremation Urns

We help you with this difficult part of 

memorializing your loved one

We help you with this difficult part of 

memorializing your loved one

About Us

Experience & Creativity


In the last 3 decades craftsman Pierre St. Hilaire has made urns for people and animal companions from wood, stone, and other materials. They feature solid workmanship and one of a kind images and sculptures, 

Apple Wood Works memorial urns are made to your design and preferences in Canada, and shipped across North America.

You can choose from many robust materials such as exotic wood, marble, granite, and Corian, a synthetic stone available in many colors and patterns.

Consulting with us through the design process to ensure your memorial is the perfect way to remember your loved one.

Whether you are commemorating a beloved family member or a cherished animal companion, we work with you to create a beautiful urn, perfectly symbolising their life. Each memorial is created from raw materials and not mass produced or purchased from overseas. 

Our Process

  If desired, St. Hilaire collaborates with local artists to create a unique carving upon request. Materials include glass, silver, brass, wood, soapstone and others. This is usually mounted on top of the urn and may be made removable if desired. Pictures or engravings are also available.  If time is an issue pre made urns are available for immediate shipping.  Your personal memorial will be the first of many steps on the journey to help healing during this difficult time. 

Our Guarantee

 Customers can choose us with confidence in our services and products. 

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We help with this difficult process

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Pierre St. Hilaire founder of Apple Wood Work Urns started in 1996 when asked to design and make an urn for a family member. From that point on has  been creating memorials for people and pets.

Background work:

Pierre has been in the millwork/custom store fixture industry for over thirty years. Many of the fixtures have appeared in some of the largest stores in the US such as Macy’s, Gucci.

In Canada, The Body Shop and Clinique.

Over the years St. Hillare has worked with several different textile materials and  people from many nations absorbing knowledge to the needs of people during grief and closure.

Woodworking, designing and building has been a lifetime passion and a wonderful experience and part of Pierre's life.

Continuing to experiment and perfecting many different styles of memorials for people and animal companions.


Opition 1 

Select from one of the urns listed with item number and email or call 204 612 9044

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If a custom order is desired email or call and we will consult with you on the design  


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